Group Activity: Skits

Wednesday August 6, 2014

The group scenarios in the Men of Code program provided us with some feedback on how much the student athletes were absorbing in the last few weeks. The skits covered each topic from the Men of Code program: health relationships, sexual assault, masculinity, etc. Each topic was given to a group of student athletes to act out and present to their teammates. The boys were very responsive to this method and were very interested in demonstrating to one another just how much information they each remember regarding these topics. Although not all members were on the same team (some on JV and others on Varsity), they were able to work together and deliver a presentation as a group. The boys really enjoyed watching the other groups and seeing how creative they were with the topics they were given.

In my group, I was surprised, but happy, to see that every member of the group wanted to participate in the skit and help act out the scenario. I was also happy with the fact that the boys felt comfortable enough to ask me questions as well during our discussion. They asked about my experiences with healthy relationships and how I would go about several different scenarios that had been presented to them. I believe that providing a safe, reliable, and comfortable environment for these young men to ask these sensitive questions is one of the biggest accomplishments this program had.

Overall, outside of a standard classroom teaching setting, the scenario presentation as a method of absorbing and delivering information was very successful in our Men of Code program. The boys clearly demonstrated that they understood the roles that they should play in healthy relationships, masculinity, and as a teammate on the field. They were also able to ask several questions regarding issues presented in the program, as well as, issues that they face personally.

As told by Becky’s Fund team member Yasmin Falla