Guest Speaker: John Booty

Wednesday August 20, 2014

For this session, John Booty, a former NFL player, spoke to the players about the challenges that come with working as a team and how you should always be giving 110% every day, in everything you do. He stressed discipline, endurance and perseverance, and how these were cornerstones to his success in life and as a football player in high school, college, and the NFL. He touched on this by recounting a short narrative of his career as a football player starting in high school and after the NFL.

He also spoke about the influential powers that student athletes have on their fellow peers. Booty stressed how the football players are in the spotlight constantly and how people look up to what they do as team players and individuals outside of school and in their communities. He also hammered home the concept of setting goals and objectives and to try as hard as possibly to achieve them without letting others discourage them.

As told by Becky’s Fund team member Giancarlo Serrato